Child custody evaluations are typically court ordered; however, Dr. Carney is often called upon to conduct work product reviews of other psychological evaluations. Assessments may pertain to matters such as goodness of fit, relocation, maltreatment, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, gatekeeping, and alienation.

Values Dr. Carney Upholds for Child Custody Evaluations:

The evaluation focuses upon parenting attributes, the child’s psychological needs and the resulting fit.
Psychologist interprets assessment data in a manner consistent with the context of the evaluation.
Psychologist strives to function as an impartial evaluator.
Psychologist strives to employ multiple methods of data gathering.
Psychologist strives to establish the scope of the evaluation in a timely fashion, consistent with the nature of the referral question.
Psychologist strives to avoid conflict of interest and multiple relationships in conducting evaluations.
Psychologist refrains from initiating an activity when they know or should know that there is a substantial likelihood that their personal problems will prevent them from performing their work-related activities in a competent manner.