We offer urine, hair, fingernail, and toenail testing to verify the existence of drug and/or alcohol abuse.
We offer assessments along with a clinical interview that can evaluate ability, various deficits, and personality disorders.

Child Custody Evaluations

We offer services to determine the parents' psychological status and make recommendations as to the ability to care for children.

ADHD Testing

We offer an evaluation to detect the presence of attention deficits.


A recognized expert in both state and federal courts.

• A native of Mobile, AL
• Accredited: American Psychological Association
• Ph.D. from Tennessee State University
• Internship: James H. Quillen VA Medical
• Licensed in Alabama


July 21, 2019
drug abuse clarity health adolescent

Threat Level: Drug Abuse Part 4 – Recognizing Behavior

The outward changes in a person’s behavior and emotional state signify very complex interactions involving physical and cognitive changes or deficiencies, as well as responses to social and environmental circumstances. Always keep in mind how inter-related these categories are and why every individual should be evaluated within context. Again, it is important for anyone who exhibits signs of drug abuse to meet with a health professional who can recommend a holistic treatment tailored to them.
July 17, 2019
clarity health drug abuse signs

Drug Abuse Threat Level Part 3 – Recognizing Signs

Some of the signs of drug abuse that serve as red flags, especially when seen in combination with each other. They often fall under four broad and inter-related categories: cognitive, physical, behavioral, and emotional.
June 26, 2019
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Drug Abuse Threat Level Part 2 – Choices

How is drug abuse defined on an individual level and what is the theoretical framework upon which professionals use to diagnose drug abuse? In this post I briefly discuss this and touch upon the treatment strategies.
March 6, 2019
drug abuse pile of drugs

Drug Abuse Threat Level Part 1 – Overview

Drug Abuse is a constant presence in the background of national American life. How deep does this presence run within our culture?